Creating a Top Ranking Website for a Yorkshire Company

Website Design and development for a start-up HGV (heavy goods Vehicle) Training Company

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Top ranking HGV training website for Yorkshire start up company

Discovery Phase: Unveiling Aims and Values

In the discovery phase, we engaged in extensive conversations with Mark and his team to understand the intricacies of Level Up Training's vision. It was crucial to uncover not just the surface-level goals but also the core values that would shape the identity of the company. We explored their commitment to learners, their innovative approach to training, and the importance of flexibility in course structures. This deep dive set the foundation for a website that not only looked good but resonated with the essence of Level Up Training.

Competitor Research: Beyond Aesthetics

Our commitment to building functional websites extends beyond aesthetics. Competitor research played a pivotal role in understanding the industry landscape. We dissected successful websites in the HGV training space, identifying elements that contributed to their success. This went beyond visual appeal – it encompassed user experience, content strategy, and the overall functionality that kept visitors engaged. By learning from the successes of others, we ensured that Level Up Training's website would not only meet but exceed industry standards.

Keyword Research: Fueling SEO Success

SEO isn't just a buzzword; it's a critical aspect of online visibility. Building on the insights gained from competitor research, we delved into keyword research specific to Level Up Training and the HGV training industry. This strategic approach aimed to position Level Up Training at the forefront of relevant online searches. The result was a comprehensive database of keywords that not only attracted traffic but ensured that the right kind of audience, potential leads, and customers were directed to the website.

Structuring Success: Crafting the Website Blueprint

The meticulous planning of the website's structure was a collaborative effort. By working closely with Level Up Training, we developed a site map that strategically organised content to achieve specific goals. The home page served as a compelling introduction, combining expertise, location details, and success stories to build trust. The "Why Choose Us" page became a beacon of LUT's values, emphasising learner support and personalisation. The "Courses and Prices" page, designed for transparency, provided clear and upfront information, aligning with Level Up Training's commitment to openness.

Level up Training: Home page
  • Home Page: A landing page showcasing LUT's expertise, location, and success stories, fostering trust.
  • Why Choose Us: Communicating LUT's key value propositions, emphasizing learner support and personalization.
  • Courses and Prices: Transparently presenting services and prices, aligning with LUT's commitment to openness.
Level UP Training: Gallery section

Content Development: Balancing SEO and User Experience

Content creation wasn't just about incorporating keywords for SEO; it was about finding the delicate balance between SEO optimisation and user experience. Armed with competitor insights and industry-specific keywords, we provided Level Up Training with guidance on creating content that not only appealed to search engines but also resonated with their target audience. The result was content that spoke the language of their users, communicated value and expertise, and ultimately contributed to a positive user experience.

Level Up Training: Courses & Prices

Visual Design: Bringing Ideas to Life

The visual design process was a thoughtful journey aimed at creating a website that wasn't just aesthetically pleasing but also fully aligned with Level Up Training's brand. Every choice, from imagery to iconography, typography to illustrations, was made with a purpose – to communicate key messages effectively. The visuals weren't just decoration; they were integral to enhancing the overall user experience and conveying the professionalism and reliability of Level Up Training.

Level Up Training: Course Price Cards

Success Unveiled: 6 Months Later

Reflecting on the success of the website six months later, it's evident that the strategies employed during the initial phases have paid off. Level Up Training now proudly occupies the first page of Google for prominent keywords in their business and industry. This isn't just a testament to effective SEO optimisation; it's a tangible result of a holistic approach that considered every aspect of website design and development. The website isn't merely a digital space; it's a dynamic platform propelling Level Up Training to the forefront of the HGV training industry, attracting leads and customers effectively.

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