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packaging design expertise ensures that captivates and entices your audience.

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Packaging Design that Influences and Entices

Our expertise in packaging design extends across Doncaster, South Yorkshire, and Nottinghamshire, creating packaging that serves as a compelling brand ambassador.

Initiating projects with a discovery chat, we understand your business needs and challenges. Extensive research leads to a strategy for packaging design that influences and entices your audience.

The final outcome? Packaging that isn't just protective but stands out, enticing your audience and reinforcing your brand identity.

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Packaging design

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the packaging design process work?

At BLNK Canvas, our packaging design process is a collaborative journey tailored to meet your specific needs. We engage closely with you to understand crucial elements such as your target market, retail environment, competition, brand personality, and product functionality. Integrating these insights with considerations around budget and timing, we ideate and craft packaging concepts that align perfectly with your goals.

What is a dieline?

A dieline represents the structural outline of a package when it's laid flat, as if it were disassembled. This layout is how packaging appears before it's assembled. For instance, envision a dieline for a shoebox—it resembles a flat sheet showcasing outlines of various shapes. These shapes, once printed, are folded and assembled to create the 3D structure of the shoebox.

Where do i get a Dieline from?

When it comes to intricate packaging designs, our team can assist in crafting custom packaging blueprints tailored to your needs. However, for simpler packaging, you can easily request a dieline template from physical packaging producers, like printers, glassmakers, or material vendors. They often provide these templates to guide your design process and ensure seamless production of your packaging. If you would like further help contact us and we can discuss your project.

Do I need a UPC for my packaging?

The UPC (Universal Product Code) barcode is a significant component for food packaging design. If you're new to the entrepreneurial landscape, understanding its importance is key. The UPC is a graphical barcode that ensures easy scanning, containing essential information such as the manufacturer's details and item number, along with a verification check. If you already have a UPC but lack a barcode, various free online barcode generators can help you create one efficiently.

Can you ensure consistent integration of branding elements across packaging designs?

Certainly. We encourage clients to provide any existing brand assets, such as logos, and visual identity elements like patterns or illustrations. If you possess brand identity guidelines, we'll seamlessly incorporate these into our designs. In the absence of guidelines, collaborating on developing these can be advantageous. This ensures future packaging and designs consistently reflect and reinforce your brand identity.

Do you manage the printing and production of the designed packaging?

No, our specialization lies in the art of design. We prefer leaving the printing and production to seasoned professionals who handle these tasks proficiently day in, day out. However, we're more than happy to assist you in finding a reputable packaging vendor. Our aim is to ensure that the designs we create transition smoothly into the manufacturing phase, and we can guide you toward trusted partners to bring these designs to life.

How we work with you



You can get your project rolling by completing our contact form telling us about you and your brand.



We want to understand your business and how it works. We will arrange an in-depth chat about what makes you unique, we will discuss your business goals and target audience.



Using all we know about your brand we will develop a strategy for your project. We provide options and solutions that are focused on solving whatever problem your business is experiencing.



We will get to work creating unique and distinct designs We commit to collaborating with you, seeking your feedback and providing you with expert advice.



We will deliver your project assets!

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