Embarking on TLP's Branding Adventure: Crafting a Meaningful Brand Identity


Embarking on TLP's Branding Adventure: Crafting a Meaningful Brand Identity

Greetings! today, we invite you to delve into the remarkable expedition we embarked on with TLP, the amazing force driving Training, Consultancy, Coaching, and Mentoring Support. Let's uncover the story of how we didn't just design a brand , we crafted an embodiment of heartfelt conversations. Immerse yourself in the birth of TLP's brand identity, an open invitation to initiate meaningful dialogues. Witness the creation of a brand that resonates with TLP's genuine warmth, inclusivity, and unwavering support and mission to make a positive difference to peoples lives. Ready for a journey where design seamlessly intertwines with the beating heart of TLP? Let's dive in!

Getting Started: A Simple Website Chat Turns into Something Bigger

Picture this: a casual chat about a website blossoms into something extraordinary. TLP wanted more than just a website; they wanted a brand that beams positivity and understanding, a warm hug for those navigating life's challenges in care agencies and families.

Smart Moves: Building the Foundations for a Stellar First Impression

We're all about making smart moves. Instead of jumping into the website whirlwind, we suggested TLP build a solid brand foundation first. It turned out to be a game-changer for what came next.

Virtual Portal Tour: Showing TLP the Ropes

We invited TLP into our virtual space, where everything is crystal clear. Imagine a roadmap with stages, timeframes, and lots of excitement. First up, the Discovery questionnaire – a fun and thought-provoking exploration of TLP's brand soul. They loved it!

Heart-to-Heart Talks: Unveiling the Essence of TLP

Our chats with TLP were like heart-to-heart talks. We dug deep into their questionnaire answers, making sure we understood every bit of their brand essence. This chat set the scene for the fun design part.

Design Playground: Creating a Brand Vibe with Flair

Time to play in the design sandbox! We crafted a mood board – a cool collection of images, colours, illustrations, and fonts. Think of it as a visual sneak peek into TLP's brand future. We gave them two options, both oozing TLP's vibe in slightly different ways.

Client's Choice: TLP Picks Their Fav

Exciting times! TLP chose their favourite design direction. That nudged us into the thrilling world of logo design. We needed a logo that could do it all – shine online, look fab in print, and play nice with both light and dark backgrounds.

Symbolic Touch: Adding Meaning to the Logo

Our design brains went into symbolic mode. Inspired by TLP's love for inclusivity, we added a subtle twist to the 'G' in "listening" – it became a cute ear icon. It spoke volumes about TLP's mission to support meaningful conversations.

Logo Flexibility: More Than Just One Option

Versatility is key! We crafted a logo family – a main logo, a sidekick for flexibility, and a bunch of colour choices. It's like having a superhero suit for every occasion.

Colours That Pop: A Rainbow Tale

TLP wanted a rainbow touch, and we nailed it. Not just for looks – these colours are strategic, making TLP's brand pop, communicating the inclusivity that is so important to TLP, while keeping things sleek and visible.

Typography Pairing: Where Fun Meets Readability

Meet our font duo, a playful Comic Sans-style accent font and a clean, easy-to-read sans-serif for the Headers and paragraph copy. It's like the perfect outfit for TLP's brand voice – lively yet clear.

Full-On Brand Experience: Bringing Ideas to Life

Our presentation wasn't just a show-and-tell; it was a full-blown experience. We threw in illustrations, photo styles, and even showed TLP how their brand would look in the real world with snazzy mock-ups.

Final Touch: A Dash of Refinement

TLP loved it, with just a tiny tweak to the colours for that extra shine. We suggested keeping the dark navy for that cool contrast. Perfecto!

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