A Brand Refreshed: Breathing life into Death by Fudge

Death By Fudge are a local company with big ideas! They needed branding that helped them stand out from the crowd and show their personality.


Getting to know the brand

As a flourishing small-batch confectionery producer nestled in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, Death by Fudge has been steadily gaining momentum. Recently, they approached BLNK with a singular primary logo, seeking to expand their brand's visual elements and identity.

At BLNK, known for our expertise as logo designers in Doncaster, We arranged a chat with Death by Fudge, at their facility to delve deeper into their brand essence. We got to see the guys a work pouring their passing into everything they made and consantly looking for new creative ways of developing ther offerings. We came to understand how their uniqueness was pivotal in crafting a visual representation that truly encapsulated their identity. In our conversation, the owners expressed a desire for an edgy, gritty aesthetic, deviating from conventional sweet treat branding—a crucial aspect we explore with all our clients to tailor a unique visual identity.

The existing logo, although favoured by the owner, sparked an intriguing discussion about the necessity for change. We probed, "Why change if the logo is appreciated?" Unveiling that while the logo held appeal, it failed to mirror the company's evolving scope and potential for growth. With a burgeoning array of offerings, Death by Fudge required a suite of adaptable assets to consistently convey their brand essence.

Logo Vs Brand Identity

In a open conversation, we explored the distinction between a mere logo and a comprehensive brand identity—a pivotal clarification sought at the onset of our engagement. The revelation dawned that while a logo served a purpose, it fell short in meeting the multifaceted goals envisioned by the owners. After thorough consideration and addressing critical queries, Death by Fudge enthusiastically embraced the concept of establishing an exciting and distinctive new identity for their brand.

Our collaborative journey with Death by Fudge marked the discovery and curation of an innovative brand identity that transcended conventional norms, the rebelious confectioners. This transformation transcended the confines of a mere logo, empowering Death by Fudge with a comprehensive array of assets to authentically represent their brand essence and support their ambitious growth trajectory.

Presenting the Death By Fudge Brand

Excitement fills the air as you get that initial glimpse of your revamped branding. But there's more to it than just the visuals—our journey in creating these designs, along with guidelines and tips, is something we're eager to share. These guidelines ensure that whether it's you, other designers, or your marketing team, everyone can use fonts and assets consistently to establish a powerful brand identity. Dive into the branding presentation document we've prepared for you—it's a comprehensive guide that outshines a simple zip file of images sent to your email address. Discover the depth and richness of what we've crafted for your brand

So what next? 

Ready to take your business to the next level? We're here to help you navigate your branding journey with tailored solutions. If you're eager to explore our comprehensive branding packages and discover how we can elevate your brand, don't hesitate to reach out. Take that next step towards unlocking your brand's full potential. Simply get in touch, and let's delve into the exciting possibilities together!

If you're not quite ready to take the leap yet, but eager to learn more about branding and its profound impact on business growth, explore our insightful articles here. They're filled with valuable tips and insights to help you understand the power of branding and its transformative potential for your business. Whenever you're ready to take that next step, we'll be here, ready to assist you in your branding journey.

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