What Is Branding?

Dive into the realm of branding and discover how it can supercharge your business



Apr 28, 2022

Dean Ellis

Are you ready to dive into the realm of branding and discover how it can supercharge your business? If you're nodding excitedly Well, you've landed in just the right spot ( less enthusiastic responses are also welcome!) This blog will explore the purpose of branding, the goal of branding, and we will also take a look at successful branding projects for inspiration.

At Blnk Canvas branding is one of our primary solutions. We believe that all businesses big and small should know about the importance of branding and deserve to benefit from professional logos, custom colour palettes, perfectly styled typography and the variety of designs and assets that can help you communicate with your customers and audience. You might have heard that branding can make or break a business, but what's the deal with this thing called brand identity? In this blog, we're pulling back the curtain to demystify the concept. So before you head off in search of an online logo maker to create your buisiness logo, Join us on this journey into the heart of brand identity as we uncover its potential to unlock your business's true greatness. Thanks for joining us – let's dive in!

The Basics of Branding

Branding serves as your business's unique personality – it encompasses the thoughts, emotions, and impressions that individuals associate with your company. This distinctive blend sets you apart in a crowded market, making your business stand out from the crowd!

What does Branding Involve?

Branding is an essential process within any business. It involves developing a unique and recognisable identity or persona that can be instantly associated with the company and its products and services. It’s an essential tool for defining the company’s image, values and mission and goes beyond just the visual aspects of logos, website design and corporate identity. To create a successful brand, you must have a clear view of why you do what you do, what problems you solve, and the value you offer to your audience and customers and find creative ways to communicate them to potential customers.

In addition, the brand's values need to align with the market and target customers to build loyalty. In terms of marketing, branding can be turned into a strategy for increasing your sales or the perceived value of your products.

Starbucks: A branding example

Crafting Distinctive Brand Messaging, Tone, and Identity that Sets Your Business Apart

Several elements differentiate your business from others, and among these are your messaging, tone of voice, and brand identity. Your messaging reflects the core beliefs and values of your business. Meanwhile, your tone of voice adds character and authority to your communication, reinforcing your brand's message.

What is Brand Messaging?

Messaging, for instance, embodies what you stand for both internally and externally. It's crucial to consider three key aspects while developing your messaging:

  1. Customer Perspective: Address what matters most to your customers. Seek to understand their needs and tailor your message effectively.
  2. Internal Perspective: Gather input from within your organisation. What do your employees perceive as your business's values? What makes your offering unique to customers?
  3. Marketplace Perspective: Define your position in the market and identify unique selling points within your industry.

Once these areas are explored, crafting and solidifying your messaging becomes feasible.

What is a Brand voice?

Moving to tone of voice, it's akin to your business's personality. Just like messaging, insights from customers, colleagues, and industry peers contribute to shaping this aspect.

Consistency is key - whether aiming for an educational, serious, light-hearted, or authoritative tone. Maintaining uniformity across all channels is crucial as consumers expect consistency in their brand experience. Inconsistency may lead to perceptions of untrustworthiness and unreliability.

‍Why Is a Brand Identity Important?

Brand Example: Starbucks :

Branding encompasses the comprehensive perception people have of a business. Take Starbucks, for instance. Beyond their iconic mermaid logo and signature green colour, Starbucks has cultivated a brand Identity that resonates with a sense of community, comfort, and quality. When you step into a Starbucks café, you're not just buying a cup of coffee – you're immersing yourself in an experience. The warm ambience, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, and the friendly barista calling your name are all part of the Starbucks brand. It's about that feeling of familiarity, the promise of a cosy escape, and the assurance of a well-crafted cup of coffee. This emotional connection is what sets Starbucks apart in the competitive coffee market and fuels its brand's appeal.

Now, here's the intriguing twist

While you can't dictate precisely how people perceive your brand, you do hold the power to influence their perceptions. Consider this scenario: if you wish your product or service to exude comfort, quality and community, merely proclaiming it as such won't necessarily mean that’s how people will feel about it. Instead, it's the art of skilful influence that shapes how your brand is seen, felt, and remembered. Your brand's persona is a symphony of impressions – and while you can't orchestrate every note, you wield the baton that guides the melody.

Your company Brand is the lasting impression you leave on your customers, kind of like your business's signature style. Just as people recognise each other by their distinct traits, your branding sets you apart from the crowd and helps you stand out in a sea of options.

Take a look at our tips for creating a brand identity.

Now, why does this matter for business owners like you?

Imagine walking into a room full of people. What makes someone notice you among the crowd? Your Logo is what catches people's eye. A professional design logo that has been designed by a logo designer or a design agency that understands your business and target audience, along with the importance of proportions, colour psychology, arrangement, spacing and typography will be able to provide you with a professional logo that catches your potential customer’s attention. but it isn't your unique logo that makes them remember you and keeps them coming back for more.

Here's where "brand identity" waltzes onto the stage. Remember how I said you can’t decide how people perceive your brand, but you can influence it? Well, we can influence by using our brand identity. Brand identity is the thread that ties everything together. It shapes the way people perceive your business, how they connect with it emotionally, and ultimately, how they remember you in the long run. So, while branding is the grand show, brand identity is the star performer that steals the spotlight and leaves a lasting impression. Now that we've laid the groundwork, let's embark on a journey to delve deeper into the marvellous world of brand identity and explore the incredible impact it can have on your business's success.

W‍hat is a brand identity?

Your Logo is a flag, Branding is a connection!

Nicolson & Brown : Brand Identity Package

Brand identity extends far beyond a mere logo design. Historically, businesses heavily leaned on their logo or logos in some cases as a cornerstone for market presence. However, in today's digital era, where connections are fostered through technology rather than face-to-face encounters, the onus is on how we portray our business. The emphasis shifts towards crafting a presentation that forges genuine connections and leaves indelible imprints on potential customers.

In this landscape, brand identity emerges as the compass guiding us towards authentic and resonant interactions. Imagine your business is throwing a fabulous party. Your logo? That's the swanky invitation card, setting the tone for what's to come. But the real star of the show is your brand identity. It's the upbeat music, the vibrant decorations, and the stories that keep guests talking long after the party's over. Think of brand identity as a collection of visual assets that can be used to influence how people perceive your brand: your logo, colours, fonts, and the way you talk to your audience. It's the heart and soul of your business, carefully crafted to tell your unique story. From Coca-Cola's classic red to Google's playful primary colours – every choice is like a brushstroke in the masterpiece that is your brand identity. Imagine your business is throwing a fabulous party. Your logo? That's the swanky invitation card, setting the tone for what's to come. But the real star of the show is your brand identity. It's the upbeat music, the vibrant decorations, and the stories that keep guests talking long after the party's over.

Nicholson & Brown - Graphic design / Branding Mockup showing branding in action

What Are Brand Touch-points?

Think of brand identity as a collection of visual assets that can be used to influence how people perceive your brand: your logo, colours, fonts, and the way you talk to your audience. It's the heart and soul of your business, carefully crafted to tell your unique story. From Coca-Cola's classic red to Google's playful primary colours – every choice is like a brushstroke in the masterpiece that is your brand identity.

A cornerstone of any brand’s visual identity is its logo, serving as a pivotal element in the brand's recognition and overall strategy. According to studies by Aaker and Joachimsthaler (2000), a well-crafted logo acts as a visual cue, aiding in the recall and recognition of a brand by consumers.

In today's consumer landscape, the significance of emotional connections in purchasing decisions is well-documented (Hoch and Ha, 1986). Consumers are increasingly drawn to brands that resonate with their values and aspirations, seeking emotional bonds beyond just utilitarian benefits or product specifications (Keller, 1993). For instance, consider the success story of Nike, which established a powerful emotional connection by aligning its brand with the spirit of athleticism and empowerment.

To foster such emotional connections, brands must transcend beyond mere logos. They require a comprehensive suite of assets that ensure a consistent and engaging brand experience, resonating with their target audience. One thing is clear regarding providing a consistent overall brand that expands wider than merely a logo, its importance in 2023 is higher than ever.

Diversified Assets for Brand Consistency

Beyond the logo, essential graphic assets include:

  1. Typography: Consistent font choices across all communications reinforce brand identity. For instance, Coca-Cola’s distinctive script font is instantly recognisable, contributing to the brand's enduring identity.
  2. Colour Palette: A consistent colour scheme reinforces brand recognition and emotions associated with the brand. For instance, the vibrant red used by brands like Red Bull or Coca-Cola evokes excitement and energy.
  3. Visual Elements: This encompasses imagery, icons, and graphics. Consider Apple's minimalist yet sleek visual style, which enhances its brand image as innovative and sophisticated.
  4. Social Media Templates and Design Guidelines: Templates and design guidelines ensures consistency across various platforms and materials. Brands like Starbucks have specific design guidelines for their store layouts, ensuring a uniform experience worldwide.

Utilizing Graphic Assets for Branding Experiences

These assets form the backbone of a brand's visual communication strategy:

  • Consistent Branding: Employing the same fonts, colours, and imagery across all touch-points, whether it's social media, packaging, or advertisements, fosters a cohesive brand identity.
  • Storytelling: Visual assets aid in telling a brand's story. For instance, a series of images or videos can narrate the brand's journey or showcase its values and commitment.
  • User Experience Enhancement: Well-designed assets contribute to a seamless user experience. For example, intuitive website design and easily navigable interfaces reflect positively on the brand's perception.

By leveraging a diverse range of graphic assets cohesively, brands can establish a memorable and resonant presence, nurturing deeper connections with their audience (Kapferer, 2008).

Starbucks Creative Expression - Starbucks use core branding identity guidelines with dynamic seasonal additons.

Brand Identity Example: Starbucks :

Let's continue with Starbucks. Their brand identity is a composition of design elements – the green logo, the distinct font used in their signage, and the rustic textures in their store interiors. These consistent visual and sensory cues create a cohesive and recognizable Starbucks experience, whether you're in Seattle or Sheffield.  It's about infusing every touchpoint with their distinct style – from the takeaway cups to the packaging of their coffee beans. Starbucks' brand identity isn't just about what you see; it's about how you feel and what you remember when you think of Starbucks. In a nutshell, while branding shapes the overall perception and emotional connection with a business, brand identity focuses on the tangible and sensory aspects that bring that perception to life and leave a lasting imprint on customers. Starbucks has mastered this delicate dance between branding and brand identity, weaving a compelling story that resonates with millions of coffee lovers around the world.

What are Brand Identity Guidelines?

Brand identity guidelines ( sometimes referred to as style guidelines or brand kit) are essential documents used in the branding process to ensure that a company’s brand identity is maintained across all of its communication platforms. They act as a roadmap for how a company presents itself to the public, and typically include rules for the use of your beautiful logos, colour schemes, typography and tone of voice. Having defined brand identity guidelines in place is essential for any organisation looking to build a consistent and recognisable brand image; this can help to ensure that from website design to social media posts, customers get the same image of the company. Additionally, having the rules written down, it can help to ensure that the people creating content for your brand are on the same page and enforce a unified look and feel for the brand.

So what's next for your brand?

Throughout this blog, we've emphasised the pivotal role of a holistic brand identity in connecting with your audience. We've discussed how a cohesive strong brand narrative, encompassing various visual elements and messaging, can spark recognition and evoke emotions that resonate with your audience's values and aspirations. By understanding your business at its core, we've highlighted the significance of aligning these elements to create enduring connections.

At BLNK canvas, we specialise in crafting unique and memorable brand identities that extend far beyond a mere logo. Our approach revolves around understanding your intended audience, diving deep into your brand's essence, and aligning every visual aspect and message to resonate with them. This meticulous approach ensures that every interaction with your brand builds consistent and positive experiences for your audience.

Our expertise lies in going beyond the conventional. We focus on creating a brand identity that not only stands out in a crowded market but also leaves a lasting impression. We believe in developing brand identities that encapsulate your values, aspirations, and target audience, ensuring that every element works harmoniously to tell your story authentically.

Now, how can BLNK canvas help you on this transformative journey? Our team brings vast knowledge and experience in delivering valuable campaigns for our clients. Through meticulous research and strategic thinking, we craft brand identities that are tailored to your unique business. By focusing on your audience and aligning every element of your brand, we aim to create a compelling narrative that resonates with your audience on a deeper level.

We offer a variety of brand packages Looking ahead, if you're eager to delve deeper into the world of branding and web design, our collection of articles awaits you. From 'Starting Your Branding Journey' to 'Tips for CreatingYour Brand,' we have a wealth of insights to guide you. Discover more about 'What Is a Brand Package' and learn how 'Graphic Design Can Elevate Your Business.' Each piece is curated to empower you on your branding Journey!

At BLNK canvas, our mission is to not just design brands but to elevate businesses. We're here to partner with you on your journey towards a distinctive and resonant brand identity that speaks volumes to your audience. Let's craft a narrative that goes beyond a logo and leaves a lasting impact.

If your looking for your own custom logo and brand, you're ready to take your branding and marketing to new heights, let's embark on this transformative journey together.

Thank You for Joining the Adventure

As we come to the end of our discussion on brand identity, I want to sincerely thank each one of you for being a part of this insightful journey. Exploring the depths of brand identity together has been both enlightening and inspiring. Remember, your brand identity is more than just its appearance; it's a unique narrative that encapsulates your business. By intertwining your values, visuals, and messages, you're crafting a distinctive story that resonates with your audience. So, here's to the promising path ahead for your brand! Ready to start your Branding journey? Want to know more about what a Branding Package is?  and what you can expect,  we have lots more interesting articles that will help you in choosing the right action to take. Whatever you decide may it exude authenticity, and resonance, and make a profound impact on those you connect with. Thank you for being a part of this exploration, and I eagerly await witnessing your brand's continued growth and success.

Warm regards,

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